Il-Ġostra 🇲🇹

Il-Ġostra is a traditional game played in Malta where people climb up a greasy pole in order to grab a flag and win a prize. Dating back over 120 years, Gostra is celebrated each year towards the end of August in Saint Julians, Malta.

The pole is 10 meters long, and extends out over the sea from the jetty, with the upper half covered in grease. Each of the flags on the Gostra pole has a religious significance:

  • The blue and white flag of the Madonna
  • The yellow and white Vatican standard
  • The red and white flag of Malta
  • The Belgian tricolor representing the ancestral homeland of St. Julian

Each flag represents a special prize for whoever can reach it.


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‘Gostra’ is a downloadable hi-definition PDF image scanned from the original oil painting.

You will receive a 48 x 29 inch PDF image (53.5 x 34.5 inches including the border), ideally suited for printing onto canvas. A ‘Museum style’ white border is added to each side of the picture to facilitate mounting the canvas on a stretcher board.


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