If the Broom Fits, Ride it…

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Exorcist Doorway Drape

4. Exorcist Doorway Drape

From the movie that started it all: The Exorcist doorway drape. Walk through this doorway drape at your own risk. The colors are vivid and the curtains can be taped easily over a doorway if you don’t want to put in nails. On an artistic note, the Pazuzu demon looking over the gruesomely illustrated possessed-Regan’s shoulder is a fantastic touch. Buy it here.


Peeping Tom

3. Peeping Tom

Scary Peeper is a prank product invented to simulate a Peeping Tom looking in through a window. Simply mount the Scary Peeper Deluxe outside any window with the included line and suction cup and let the fun begin. This Scary Peeper simulates a Peeping Tom peering into your home. So lifelike you’ll even scare yourself. Great for Halloween or anytime. Suction Cups to any window or door. Buy it here.