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Spy Pen Camera DVR

6. Spy Pen Camera DVR

This pen is discreet, and spy worthy! The tiny hole at the bottom of the pen, is where the actual camera lens is located. The quality is fantastic for the price of under $20. It unscrews to allow access to the USB and SD card. The USB cable that is supplied plugs into the pen and the other end  to your computer for charging and access to video files. This isn’t only a video camera – it can take pictures as well. This simply depends on how you click then button at the bottom of the pen. Check Price.

Quad Copter with Camera

5. Quad Copter with Camera

Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. Very easy to fly – novice to expert. Can charge through USB from your computer! Completely pre-assembled, no construction required! Fun straight out of the box! Includes 4-channel digital proportional RC system. Get off the computer and in the air! Check Price.