Candid Camera

Offer More than Just a Camera


“There are no bad pictures, that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
Abraham Lincoln


Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? Maybe you are! Meet ten original camera variations that offer something more than the traditional camera gift.


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Wearable Camera

10. Wearable Camera

Everything is becoming “wearable” nowadays. Use the Narrative Clip to live in the moment during special occasions, when traveling or spending time with your loved ones – safe in knowing the events are being effortlessly captured so you can relive and share them later. In the Narrative app for iPhone and Android, all your collected photos are synced and organized with the best photos highlighted. Everything organized for you to relive and share.

Just Clip it on – Double tap to capture a special moment or put it face down to make it sleep. It automatically takes two photos every minute – Double tap to capture a special moment or put it face down to make it sleep – takes up to 6000 photos with a battery that lasts 30 hours  Check Price.


Dual Front and Rear Facing Car Camera

9. Dual Front and Rear Facing Car Camera

This DVR system includes two cameras; one camera is an exterior mount waterproof cam — for rearview or reverse monitoring. The other camera is built-into the rearview mirror monitor assembly — it points towards the front windshield, to your forward driving direction. With cameras pointed both in the front and back of your vehicle, you will have complete vehicle driving & recording ability. Capture full HD 1080p video and extra sharp images with ease.

The mirror monitor system mounts conveniently over your existing rearview mirror and features a built-in 4.3″ LCD display screen. Use the screen along with PiP (Picture in Picture) ability to record video in both directions at the same time! Additional features include night vision recording, picture snapping ability, video recording ability, micro SD card slot, auto recording on vehicle startup, and it can all be powered via the included cigarette lighter power outlet accessory cable. The system also comes with all the necessary cables and wires for installation. Check Price.