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Toys - Crazy Cart

4. Crazy Cart

The battery-powered Crazy Cart is an attempt to re-create the whirling experience of being aboard an amusement park bumper car ride (minus the bumping, however).

Despite the cart’s $400 price tag, it has caught on with a certain set, racking up sales of 110,000 units since its mid-2013 launch. The only problem: Adults wanted to ride what was essentially a kiddie vehicle. So, Razor is now launching an XL version just for them. But adults will have to pay for the privilege: The XL runs $800 — not exactly cheap scooter territory. Buy it here.



Toys - Snowtime Anytime

3. Snowtime Anytime

This winter’s record-breaking snows may have prompted many snowball fights. But these days, the fighting is also taking place indoors, thanks to Snowtime Anytime, These are essentially fabric “snowballs” that have the texture and feel of the real thing, save for the frozen factor. The idea is to take the snowy fun into the comfort of your home.

You can get snowballs (a 30-pack runs $30) and accessories (think inflatable snow fort) and while you might think Snowtime Anytime would be especially big in places where it doesn’t snow, apparently Minnesota is the top market! Buy it here.