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“The streets are a poor kid’s PlayStation”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

The toy business isn’t all fun and games. It’s a serious business — but toy makers still face plenty of challenges. Chief among them: fighting the technological tide and trying to convince kids (and grownups) that a physical game or plaything is more worthy of their attention than the digital equivalent.

To find out just how they’re doing that, we chose six of the newer toys that caught our eye.


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Toys - Dino Pet blue

6. Dino Pet

Dinosaurs never go out of style. And dino-themed toys are expected to become even bigger in the coming year, with the release of “Jurassic World”, the fourth film in the Jurrasic Park series.

Dino Pet plays into this trend — it’s described as a dino-shaped “micro aquarium” — but it’s also a science experiment and teaching tool in its own right. The aquarium holds hundreds of dinoflagellates, described as “a type of single-celled plankton” (and yes, the tiny creatures are included in the $60 Dino Pet package). The cool part: the organisms emit a bluish light at night, demonstrating the phenomenon known as bioluminescence. Buy it here.



Toys - Kinetic Sand

5. Kinetic Sand

Sure, kids still play with Play-Doh, but lately, they’ve also been playing with Kinetic Sand — a moldable sand that’s part real sand, part “silicone-based organic polymer”. The product, comes in a variety of colors, has been giving Play-Doh a run for the money since its launch.

There’s also a version that floats, allowing kids to make a sand castle that can stay atop the water. Prices for items in the sand line run from $7 to $30. Buy it here.