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Practical Gifts For Savvy Travellers

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Travellers Gifts

8. Travellers Defense Alarm

If you travel for business or pleasure then hotel room security is on your mind. Take the new Doberman Traveller Defense with you and put your mind at ease. It acts as an alarm and is easily attached to any hotel room door in seconds. Let the Defense Alarm watch the door while you and your family enjoy your trip. Your family will thank you for bringing this along on holiday because everyone will sleep easier.
It’s easy to slip the sensor into any door gap. If someone jiggles the door and makes it fall out, or opens the door, the alarm will sound, emitting a loud, high-pitched signal. Very simple and compact: Why travel without it? Buy it here.



Travellers Gifts

 7. Portable Water Purifier

SteriPEN purifiers quickly and easily providing safe drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. The ultraviolet (UV) lamp destroys over 99.9 percent of harmful micro-organisms in water. Great for travellers in areas with risky water, but also handy for emergencies and outdoor adventures. Easy-to-use 1-button operation. Place the lamp in clear water and stir. Purify a half-litre of water in 48 seconds or a litre in 90 seconds.

The lamp automatically shuts off when treatment is complete. Includes a safety feature so the UV light only turns on when safely below the water surface. The UV lamp provides up to 3,000 one-liter treatments. And is powered by four AA lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The Purifier is designed to fit snugly in plastic water bottles or can be used in wide-mouth bottles or glasses. Buy it here.