Movie Buff Wishlist

The 20 Greatest Gifts for Movie Buffs

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18. Universal Remote

The movie buff likely juggles three or more remote controls for his home entertainment system, constantly switching between audio channels and HDMI inputs to configure the settings for whatever he’s about to play next. You can make his life a helluva lot easier with a Universal Remote, allowing him to navigate between his Xbox and Blu-ray player with just a tap on a touchscreen. You could go with the tried-and-true Logitech Harmony One Advanced. However, if your movie buff has his entertainment system components hidden behind walls or cabinets, we recommend the sleek Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote. This model uses radio frequencies so that it can communicate with your devices without a direct line of sight. That way the movie buff can keep a clean entertainment space with all his components hidden and not have to worry about aiming his remote. Buy it here.





17. Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection

There’s a new movie in theaters that calls itself Hitchcock, and it’s a far cry from a real Hitchcock movie. It is, in fact, an insult to any Hitchcock fan, depicting the most revered auteur and the making of his most successful film, Psycho, as fodder for a soap opera. The movie buff will be better off revisiting some old Hitch with The Masterpiece Collection, which assembles 15 titles together on Blu-ray for the first time, including such classics as Rear Window, Psycho and Vertigo — the latter of which topped Citizen Kane as the best film of all time according to an infamous Sight and Sound poll. Frequently dubbed the “Master of Suspense,” Hitchcock was actually a master of cinema whose films on voyeurism frequently turned the lens on the audience and their insatiable impulses. No movie buff’s life is complete without a Hitchcock collection or two, so indulge him. He’ll be so grateful you might even be able to get him to dress up in his mommy’s clothes in return. That would make for a very jolly Christmas. Buy it here.