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Blow Them Away!


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Duel Combat Gladiator Game

8. Duel Combat Gladiator Game

Duel Combat is an inflatable game and a wicked way to burn fat, de-stress and have fun in the garden this summer time. Adult supervision is recommended for the little un’s of course, and give Nana a fighting chance if she decides to get up there and go for it too.Dun, dun, dun – Another One Bites The Dust! If you’re of a certain age those words will have defined Saturday night primetime TV at some point in your life. And we’re also willing to bet that at one time or another, you dreamed of engaging your brother/sister/cousin/parents/children on the twin towers of Duel!Take to the podium, clutch the giant cotton bud and wait for the whistle! The first to fall from the platform is the loser. Play sudden death knock-outs, best of 3 battles or take it in turns to be your favourite Gladiator! Relive the glory days of The Gladiators! Buy it here.


Floating Spa Bar

7. Floating Spa Bar

No need to get out and dry off when you fancy a snack. This 28″ diameter inflatable spa bar / caddy free floats in your spa or anchors onto the side using two water weighted stability chambers. This floating spa caddy has multiple compartments for your food and drink, and two carrying handles to make it easy to get from kitchen to hot tub. Includes multiple food and drink sections and two carry handles. This Spa Bar is a great idea for parties or just a lazy snack in the hot tub! Great for parties! Buy it here.