Inflatable Gifts – Blow Them Away!

Blow Them Away!


“An inflatable sumo outfit? It’s endearing, really, only quite embarrassing.”
Billy Bunter


Blow ’em up and bop ’em around! Inflatables are great – they’re portable, hilarious and guaranteed to up the ridiculous factor of any activity. Secretly bring an inflatable to a party and when no one’s looking, blow it up, and BAM! There’s an inflatable penguin in the room. Whether you’re shopping for a little kid’s birthday party or a big kid’s last night of freedom, you’ll find the inflatables you need here.


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Inflatable Zimmer Frame


10. Inflatable Zimmer Frame

We all know someone who’s seen better days. Forever banging on about how ‘it used to be all fields round here’ and how ‘you could leave your front door unlocked when they were a kid’. The Inflatable Zimmer Frame is the perfect gift for the old has-been in your life. The look on their wrinkled old face when they open it will be absolutely priceless. But please make sure to tell them to drive carefully. Note this is a novelty product – does not support body weight! Buy it here.


Inflatable Cowboy on Horse

9. Inflatable Cowboy On Horse

This hilarious inflatable fancy dress costume of a cowboy and horse promises to be a hit at parties and other fun events! Lightweight and comfortable to wear, these cowboy costumes self-inflate in seconds and use a built-in fan. Buy it here.