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Green Gift Ideas - DuneCraft Dome Terrariums Hydro-Dome

4. DuneCraft Dome Terrariums Hydro-Dome

It is easy and fun to grow plants hydroponically. This miniature water wonder was inspired by popular bubbler systems. You grow plants in rock-wool contained in net pots. A special rack suspends the plant in the air at the perfect height for maximum nutrition and aeration. This complete kit comes with everything you need, including greenhouse with hydroponic tray, two-part nutrient, net pots, rock-wool, seeds, hydro-pump for aeration and full instructions. Safe for ages 12 and up. Buy it here.


Green Gift Ideas - Plant Pal, Singing Bird - Lets you know when the soil is dry

3. Plant Pal, Singing Bird – Lets you know when the soil is dry

Lifelike hand-painted polyresin songbird softly chirps its own authentic song when your plant needs watering. Looking for a great idea to assist you in the care and healthful growth of plants indoors or out? Plant Pal accurately measures moisture at the root level to prevent under- or over-watering. Position the 6-inch moisture-sensing probe into the soil for accurate moisture measurements. Light sensor deactivates bird sound when room is dark. Just remember, when your plants need watering, the little birdie tells you!  Buy it here.