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Green Gift Ideas - Grass Heads (Cut my Hair, I Dare Ya!)

6. Grass Heads (Cut my Hair, I Dare Ya!)

These adorable ceramic dolls grow grass out of their heads. Like any living plant, lil water and sunlight is necessary. Bush cut, Mohawk, or tie with bows and ribbons. The grass will grow to a maximum of 3″ long, so you can style and restyle as often as you like. Or, if you don’t feel like Edward Scissor Hands, they are suitable as your personal mini natural oxygen source for your desk or night stand. Each doll comes complete ready to grow grass without any preparations necessary. Just soak in water and sunlight. Buy it here.



Green Gift Ideas - Mini Pet cell phone charm, live Boo-Boo Plant

5. Mini Pet cell phone charm, live Boo-Boo Plant

Each Boo-Boo Plant is a miniature live plant placed in a small transparent capsule. Like every other living thing each Boo-Boo Plant needs care and attention. You don’t need to be an experienced gardener but don’t forget that every plant requires watering and sunlight. Boo-Boo Plant is a perfect accessory for your key-chain, cell phone, backpack, rear view mirror or any other place where you desire a bit of freshness. You can also remove the top capsule from the base and build yourself a miniature desktop garden. Boo-Boo Plant is the ultimate idea for corporate gifts or weddings. Buy it here.