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Feng Shui Gifts - The Tibetan Singing Bowl

4.ย Feng Shui Magic Wheel

This is a very powerful feng shui cure for overcoming the Yin House. You can place this item in the NORTHWEST sector of your house or office to subdue this highly negative star. This feng shui ornament can effectively reduce gossip, slander, and office politics when you place it on your working desk.ย Buy it here.


Feng Shui Gifts - The Tibetan Singing Bowl

ย 3.ย The Tibetan Singing Bowl

This beautiful four-inch Tibetan singing bowl rests on a small, soft cushion. It is known to create the most sensational vibrations which cleanses the energy of the living space. The bowl is equipped with a soft, wooden mallet to bring out the sounds of the bowl. Strike the bowl firmly with the mallet and watch it sing with vibrant, crisp energy!

Space Clearing is a specialized branch of Feng Shui that works at even deeper levels to cleanse and purify the atmospheres of buildings.There are very few buildings in the world that are so well designed that they don’t need regular Space Clearing. Many people now choose to do this ceremony as part of their regular building maintenance programmed so that the space is energetically as well as physically clean and clear. It is also widely accepted now that traditional Feng Shui works better and faster when done in conjunction with Space Clearing.

This singing bowl is made with 7 types of metal to produce the purest, cleanest sound when struck. To cleanse the Chi in an area, simply tap the sides of the bell smartly with the wood mallet provided. Then, place the singing bowl on its cushion and tap, swirl and rub the wood mallet against all sides of the bowl. You’ll instantly feel the difference after! This Chi cleansing ritual will instantly lift the home, giving you a feeling of freshness and clarity of mind. A clean area is also conducive to good Chi which will flow in, unhindered.

Chi cleansing does not have to be performed many times in a month. Follow your instinct and do your cleansing when you have noticed the air change to something undesirable. We recommend Chi cleansing twice a day when an occupant in your home has fallen ill to ward off negative illness Chi from the home.ย Buy it here.