Cooking Wizards

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“My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.”
Phyllis Diller


Give the gourmet chef or cooking wizard in your life the thoughtful gift of a silicone heat resistant gloves, or a ceramic knife set. We’ve collected the gifts sure to make foodies salivate this season, including a Molecular Gastronomy Kit, a Microplane zester and a stainless-steel meat injector.

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Cooking Gloves

10. Throw your old oven mitts away once and for all!

Discover the benefits of silicone heat resistant gloves. Perfect for use as cooking gloves, baking, smoking, or potholder. Ideal when handling hot food in high temperature in the kitchen. You can use them as grilling gloves, oven gloves, for barbeques, or even out camping. Protect your hands and avoid accidents with the insulated waterproof five-fingered grip. Provides far more protection and is easier to use than oven mittens! Buy it here.


Meat Thermometer and Cooking Fork

 9. Meat Thermometer and Cooking Fork

Cook perfect meat every time you grill, bake or broil for your friends or family, inside or outside, kitchen or patio. This cooking fork measures the internal meat temperature quickly and accurately. A beep will sound and the LCD display will blink when the meat has reached the required tenderness. The extended design with easy-grip non-slip rubber handle allows you to check meat temperatures without burning your hands.

This large stainless steel cooking fork makes it easy to turn and re-position meat. The fork has built-in thermometer sensors. Just set your meat type (beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey) and cooking level (well done, medium, medium rare and rare), and insert the fork into thickest part of the meat. The current meat temperature is displayed, a BEEP will sound when your meat is cooked to your required setting. Buy it here.