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Our 20 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas...

4. Labyrinth Game

Find the shortest route through the Amazing Labyrinth and you’ll be the victor. This game is designed for 2-4 players aged seven years and above and the aim is to reach all your allocated treasures and targets using the shortest possible route through the Labyrinth and to be the first back to the start point. But there’s a twist; the structure of the Labyrinth can change at any time as players manipulate the course to either make a path easier for themselves, or block that of an opponent. The board appears partly complete with fixed pieces of the Labyrinth.

Before the game commences the labyrinth is filled in with all but one of the maze cards supplied. This creates a random pattern of pathways and treasures across the board. The Treasure cards are dealt face down equally to all players. At their turn the player picks up the top card to reveal their assigned treasure. (This is their first goal and they must not look at the rest of the cards until this goal has been achieved.) They then find a pathway to the treasure and travel as far as they are able to along that route. This can be made easier by pushing the “spare” maze card into the board at any one of the marked points. By doing this the maze cards are shifted, thereby creating a new path. A spare card will be pushed from the opposite end of the row; this is the spare card then used by the next player.

Once a player has reached their assigned treasure, their goal is achieved; the treasure card is placed face up and the next card taken to indicate the next treasure to aim for on their subsequent turn. The game continues in this way until one player has found all their treasures and returned home. This enchanting game is attractively designed with cartoon-type characters on both the board and treasure cards. Adults and kids will enjoy the prospect of being able to manipulate the game and knocking their opponents off the board this Christmas. Buy it here.


All I want for Christmas...

3. Tiny Hands

Well, if these don’t get you singing the Shooting Stars song (“Tiny Hands like Pringles with fingers…”) I don’t know what will! Our hilarious Tiny Hands are exactly what they say on the pack and will make hilarious additions to Christmas photo opportunities. There seems to be a huge rise of images of celebrities with little hands popping up all over the net, so get on board with your own! Imagine people double taking at your Birthday pictures as you stand next to your friends, all with regular sized digits apart from you… As long as your outfit has sleeves, these novelty gifts look really effective and will have you giggling wherever you are! Buy it here.