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Our 20 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas...

8. Hydraulic Robotic Arm

Anyone can build there very own robotic arm using a clever hydraulic system with this kit, not only will it give hours of fun but demonstrates how a hydraulic system actually works, it’s great for getting those little minds ticking over!

Made for the age of 8 and upwards this makes a fantastic gift for any child that likes a challenge!

Made from plywood the pieces are assembled by following the instructions to create a fully rotating Robotic Arm! Your child will have fun assembling the arm and using it after it has been assembled! But this is also an educational toy as your child will be using all of their developing motor skills and immense concentration!

Their curiosity will also be satisfied as they see how the clever hydraulic liquid power system works right in front of their very eyes! This specific power system helps the robotic arm be able to lift small items horizontally! A fantastic Christmas gift! Buy it here.


All I want for Christmas...

7. Swearing Parrot Keyring

Let’s face it: we all know someone whose language could make even the saltiest of sailors blush. So we at FMAG have come up with the perfect gift for them – the Swearing Parrot Keychain. Push her wing and Polly the parrot will exclaim one of a variety of rude and offensive remarks. Great fun can be had by getting the timing just right, though you can’t always predict what she’s going to say!

Polly the Swearing Parrot is a brilliantly sweary keyring. A fantastic prank gift, give her to a friend and enjoy the expression on their face as they realise she’s not just politely asking for a cracker! The more her potty mouth spouts rude and offensive sayings, the more amusing it will be for you. Just be careful who’s around, as this swearing little parrot toy is definitely not child friendly, despite her cute exterior. A wonderfully adult stocking filler, Polly is a cracker of a Christmas gift. Buy it here.