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Our 20 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas...

10. Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Before you grew up and had to start cooking your own meals, food was fun! From foamy fizzing stuff to soup that looked like the alphabet, you spent a lot of your childhood playing with the stuff that you ate. Now, as an adult, you can appreciate the time and effort it takes to make a truly spectacular meal – but with this awesome Molecular Gastronomy Kit, you’ll find it takes less time to make the most fun and deliciously creative meals.

This kit contains everything you need to experiment at home this Christmas with the molecular techniques only the top chefs know about.

So, forget the hefty price tags and start impressing your guests with foods like mint caviar beads that burst in their mouths, chocolate spaghetti and even lemon foam!

Your ever-so-clever kit includes five pre-measured food additives, five specialised molecular tools and even a DVD containing 50 recipes to help you on your way to gastronomy heaven! Buy it here.


All I want for Christmas...

9. Samurai Sword Umbrella Full Length

Nowadays it’s completely acceptable for men to accessorise in the name of fashion, from man bags and satchels, to belts and scarfs, the modern man isn’t afraid to show off his feminine side! With that being said we don’t like to tell them that so sometimes they just need a helping hand.

We have to keep things as manly as possible so they don’t completely loose their sense of self! So that’s where the samurai sword umbrella comes in! We can’t think of anything more manly than a samurai sword, perfect for any man to carry around without feeling uncomfortable!

This sleek, black umbrella is in the shape of a sword and it looks totally awesome complete with a one button press opening, so the man in your life can show off his ninja skills to his friends, as well as keeping the wives and mums happy by keeping his clothes protected at all times, it really is a win, win situation!

Whoever this umbrella is for its sure to make them feel 100% prepared for any Christmas storm, as we’ll as keeping them feeling as masculine as possible! Buy it here.