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Our 20 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas...

14. Snap Remote – Smartphone Camera Remote Control

There’s nothing worse than wanting a group photo but having to demote someone out of the shot to actually take the photograph! And flipping the camera round to face you all whilst trying to get you all in the shot never works either! That’s where the Snap Remote comes in! This cool device lets you take group photos with everyone in the shot, and also there’s none of that awkward reverse camera stuff either!

How it works is that the little remote works with a free app that is compatible with the iPhone 3,4,5, iPad and the android smartphones. Download the app and all that’s left to do is get everyone in the frame and press the button for a totally awesome group shot! It also comes with a phone stand too so you don’t have to worry about propping that up either!

This makes a really cool Christmas gift for the self confessed photo clicker or budding photographer in your life, they can take selfies, group shots, action shots and get creative with the Snap Remote! Buy it here.

All I want for Christmas...

13. Hi! Voice Recorder Fridge Magnet

You can forget hurriedly trying to find a piece of paper and pen, writing a quick message and then frantically attempting to attach it to the fridge with some magnets that seem to have lost their ability to stick whenever you want to remember something or remind your husband/wife/flatmate/the dog to do an errand!

Now you can say whatever you need into the Hi! Voice Recorder without ever needing to worry that people can’t read your hand writing.

The Hi! Voice Recorder is a soft touch voice recorder which attaches to your fridge and at the touch of a button you can record a message which can then be listened to later on. It has a handy red light that pulses when there is an outstanding message and will alert whoever you live with to listen to your recording. You can record a message for up to 10 seconds.

The Hi! Voice Recorder is a great way to stay organised and makes a great gift for that person in your life that has an annoying habit of forgetting your birthday or your Friday nights at the pub. Why not record a message first before you present them with their special Christmas gift as an added surprise! Buy it here.