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Our 20 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas...

16. Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

This AMAZING product really does pack a punch. When it landed on our desk we stood back in AWE and worshipped The Pickmaster Plectrum Punch. Never again will you get caught out without a plectrum plucker! After that little tongue twister let’s talk about the product.

This ingenious piece of kit allows you to make a perfect plectrum out of anything plastic – if you need a little help with ideas here are a few to help you on your way – credit cards, gift cards, blister packs, carton lids, in fact anything plastic that you can find. Answers on a postcard please.

The re-designed Pickmaster cutting head makes it easier to shear though most soft plastics up to 0.8mm, with even less pressure required – making it easier for you to use.

The new mechanism also reduces the amount of tear on the plastic being cut giving a smoother edge. For any rough areas left over, there is a fine sander built into the handle that will remove any undesired bits for a perfect smooth edge! You can rest your plectrum on the lip of the handle whilst sanding to provide a more even angle of attack resulting in a consistent edge on the pick for smoother performance

You don’t have to be a genius to work this product, it really is as simple as it looks. It works in exactly the same way as a standard hole punch. Just imagine the fun you can have this Christmas in the knowledge that you’re also helping the environment. Now that really does ROCK!

Rock up, rock out and punch one out. Let’s hear it for The Pickmaster Plectrum Punch. Buy it here.


All I want for Christmas...

15. Face Beer Mats

When it comes to showing your emotions, you’re not the best at it, but that can be easily changed!

Use these hilarious Face Beer Mats to help you connect with the way you’re feeling – or just to have a laugh with your mates this Christmas.

The 20 beer mats are double sided, and have a nose and mouth in different funny positions printed on them. All you have to do to change your face is clip the beer mat on the end of your own nose and away you go!

Hilarious for a new game of charades, to get your point across during a tiff, or just as a little pick me up after work; these Face Beer Mats will have you and your mates giggling all night!


  • Set of 20 double-sided hilarious beer mats
  • Simply clip on to your nose to change your appearance
  • 40 Different images

Buy it here.