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Our 20 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas...

18. Addictaball Large Maze Puzzle

Amaze-balls! This might not have flashing lights and sound effects, but this hand-held Large Addictaball is the most un-put-downable puzzle you’ll ever pick up – we defy anyone not to get hooked straight away. Deceptively simple, it is fiendishly difficult to guide the little ball through the crazy, 3D maze of spirals, holes and platforms

From the start position at no 1, “simply” guide the ball from number to number – all the way to no 138 at the end. Easy? We thought so too till we tried and lost the ball at position no 4 – we approached the Addictaball with more respect the second time we tried… and the third… and the fourth.. and the….

The Addictaball requires concentration, hand and eye coordination and patience, making it a perfect Christmas gift for puzzle-fiends and anyone who is ready to move on from playing with their phone to a more serious challenge in 3D technicolour

The Large Addictaball is suitable for age 6+. Measures approx 19cm in diameter. Buy it here.



All I want for Christmas...

17. Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

‘Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side’ with these Star Wars style lightsaber BBQ tongs! They are fully working BBQ tongs but with a dark side, as the exact replica of Darth Vader’s menacing weapon any Star Wars fanatic can become the dark lord of the BBQ!

They are complete with a heatproof plastic handle and metal plated tongs, so the recipient can hold them over the heat as long as they want whilst they cook and turn their burgers and sausages! Also complete with lightsaber sound effects your big kid will have hours of fun as they immerse themselves into the world of Star Wars play whilst taking control of the BBQ! Making a very practical yet fun Christmas gift for all lovers of Sci Fi that they can use all summer long! Buy it here.