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Our 20 Unusual Gifts for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas...

2. Balloon Russian Roulette

Lady GaGa may have declared that ‘Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun’ but it is certainly much safer! With Balloon Russian Roulette, the only worry you have is whether or not you will be able to hear properly immediately afterwards – no blood and no mess, just harmless fun. Fill the balloon with water, whipped cream or sauce if you are looking to take this game to the next level.

Attach the special gun to a balloon, and hold it to your friends head. Pull the trigger and the balloon will either get popped by a pin, or stay inflated. Not only is Balloon Russian Roulette great fun to play in its own right, it can be used for settling all sorts of debates, ranging from whose round it is, who gets to ride in the front seat, or whose turn it is to go first at a game. Buy it here.



All I want for Christmas...

1. Construct Your Own SLR Camera!

Sitting by the sea or on a trip to a theme park with your mates, the day your baby was born, or maybe it was your wedding day – whenever the best moments of your life happen, you want to make sure you’ve got photos that do those moment justice.

Now, you could just go out and buy a regular SLR camera – one with fancy bits on and lots of different buttons that do things you don’t really understand. Or you could buy yourself one of these awesome Konstructor cameras. With your Konstructor camera you’ll understand everything it does, and every single button, because you will have put it together! That’s right, your Konstructor camera comes in a kit, and you make the camera yourself!

Using the screws and easy click formula that come included in your kit, you can figure out exactly what each bit of your SLR camera does as you’re assembling it. From the light reflectors to the lenses, everything will make much more sense when you’ve assembled it yourself (and that can only mean better photos!)Then, once you’ve put it together, you can head off and start taking photos straight away – making sure you’re ready and able to snap the milestones (or just your dinner, if that’s what you like to take photos of!) in your life.

Whether you’re a photographer or just a lover of all things technical; this Konstructor kit is for you – best of all, it only takes around 2 hours to complete before you’re ready to snap away – less time that it takes to choose a camera in the shop! Buy it here.