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Boy's toys

6. Boy’s Toys – Pixelstick – Lightpainting Evolved

What if creating the illusion of a ghost walking next to you was as simple as waving a light stick in front of a camera? Pixelstick is a new light painting tool developed by Brooklyn-based Bitbangerlabs, that allows anyone to create incredible images with the aid of a camera set to take long exposure photographs. Capable of reading images created in any image editing software, the digital light rod displays the desired image a line at a time, letting you create visuals in real world settings that can feature anything from floating graffiti to video game characters, blinking heads or brilliant swirls of color.

Resembling a really fancy light saber, the 6 ft (2 m) Pixelstick contains 198 RGB LEDs in its aluminum frame and a controller that accesses uploaded images from an SD card. Since every pixel is represented by a single LED, users can create a light painting that’s anywhere from one to 198 pixels in height. All they need to do is switch to the long exposure mode in their camera, load images they’ve made in Photoshop (or similar software) into the light stick, start the camera and walk through the frame a few times while holding the Pixelstick.

Pixelstick is an LED wand that lets photographers add abstract designs, colorful images, and even animation to light painting photography. The wand works by displaying digital images one row at a time through 198 full color RGB LEDs. As a camera takes a long exposure, the wand can be used to “paint” images in space. Buy it here.


Boy's toys

5. Boy’s Toys – Polarized Sunglasses with 8GB Camera/Video Recorder and Bluetooth Headset

These glasses include a built-in HD video recorder for super clear video recording. They also work as a Bluetooth headset with detachable earbuds. Additionally, press the power button 3 times to take a photo. The built-in 8GB TF card provides 3 hours recording time, 128 hours standby time. Connects to other bluetooth devices such as smartphones/ tablets. You can answer phone calls and record video when driving, or listen to music from your connected bluetooth devices.

The glasses are lightweight and durable. The polarized lenses with UV400 offer anti-glare and anti-ultraviolet protection. The perfect choice of driving and outdoor activities, such as cycling/ fishing/ travelling/ climbing. Buy it here.